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Monday, November 26, 2012

In the INN: "The Gospel According to Isaiah, Part 2


The Gospel According to Isaiah, Part 2

With Genesis 1-3, there is the widest end of the funnel: the whole human race is represented in Adam. Then after the fall, God issues his promise of the Savior of the world, but the church formed by this gospel promise is a small remnant: the line of Seth, rather than the line of Cain. Later, God calls Abram and promises him that he will be the father of many nations and in his seed all the families of the earth will be blessed, and as Paul points out he said one seed, Jesus Christ. So although the promised future blessing is worldwide, the carriers of the promise—the covenant community—is constantly being pruned to a remnant.

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The term, a German word, literally meaning "salvation-history", was coined in the eighteenth century and used in the nineteenth century by certain theologians who rejected Schleiermacher's attempt to rest theology upon religious feeling and emphasized the primacy of the biblical historical revelation. One way that this term is used today is to insist that the total history of revelation and salvation is connected with real events in actual history, of which Christ is both the center and the culmination. From all the variety of the New Testament elements there emerges one picture of the Christ-event from pre-existence to parousia. This view does not make the Christian religion dependent upon the vicissitudes of historical research; it is faith in Christ which makes sense of the witness of the biblical records, and faith is essential to the right understanding of their historical content. The stress is upon the acts of God in history.

(Adapted from A Dictionary of Christian Theology, s.v. "Heilsgeschichte")

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mondo's Big Help

Welcome! I am trying to reach out to people around me to who are from outside this country and don't speak English well enough to fill out an application online or go to a job fair and initiate the conversation with a perspective employer. I'm just trying to bridge the gap help do the application and get the two people together.

Mondo Big Help is also an Agency for Wichita State University to bring students from other countries to WSU. I also have agreements with other local colleges and technical schools to be an option once the International Student has passed the Intensive English Course.
There is such a great need and so many people needing help and I don't know of anyone in this area doing what I am doing.

I am also trying to assist with the Immigration Process of bringing families together that have been separated for many years. One of my clients has been apart from his wife and 2 sons for 21 years. I intend to help bring the boys here to go to WSU and to get him a solid job to be able to financially sponsor his wife and boys to reunite them. What a happy day that will be.

I do not charge any fees at this point especially since I am still developing the process.
I will be meeting with various colleges and organizations to see where we can all benefit from working together to help in all these areas.
Will you please help me?
Thank you ,
Chris "Mondo" Allen
Coram Deo!!!